Refresh Your Home

Start The New Year Out Right and Refresh Your Home.


Luxurious homes have a certain aura about them: They feel elegant, spacious, and effortless—and expensive, most of the time. But the secret to homes that look expensive is that not everything in them actually comes with a high price tag. The addition of high-profile luxury home décor accessories, simple changes and some lifestyle changes you can have an amazing home that looks just like the homes you adore in photos.

Rearrange Your Accessories/Accents

The easiest way to update your home on a budget is by rearranging what you already have. Start by putting all your moveable accessories—like tchotchkes, frames, bookends, and throw pillows—into a pile on the floor. Update your photos, reframe dated frames, perhaps change some pillows or move them around. Add some pieces along with what you have to update your shelves and cocktail tables to give a new and fresh look.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of throws. What’s not to love? They do so much to dress up a room, but come in such a small (and easily storable) package. In any room, a fur throw adds texture serves as the finishing touch to the space.


Adding some light fixtures or hardware

Buying a bold new light fixture or hardware for your cabinets is popular advice for updating your home—but for good reason. It’s inexpensive and can have a big impact on your space’s look and feel. Plus, it works in every room: Try a new bed lamp in a fun color or install metallic pulls on your bathroom drawers. In the kitchen or living room, try updating your light fixtures with modern pendants. You also can update your exterior with new light fixtures that will revive the exterior.


Refinish furniture

Updating furniture you already have is one of the least expensive and most effective ways to give your home a New Year’s makeover—even if it’s not the easiest solution. But what better time to learn than now? “Take an old dresser and let your imagination run wild,” says Ingram. “Lightly sand the piece, paint it a fresh color, and add pretty pulls to bring it back to life.” Plus, your new hobby will save you cash down the line.



Change your interior colors

We always recommend that you keep your neutrals in the larger pieces allowing you to add different colors in pillows and small pieces to freshen up your look.If your style tends towards the bold, consider paring down for spring. “Try only using one shade of accent colors for the season,” For example, use only shades of blue for your pillows and accessories to refresh your space in the wintertime. Once your new color is in place, add in a few carefully chosen accessories or pillows, consider grey with blues. Simply adding a little wallpaper or painting an accent color can add so much to.


Move the Art Around

If you’ve had the same gallery wall up for ages, we understand if you’re ready for a change. I recommend moving around the art in your home “for a change of view.” Consider letting your large artwork stand alone on a wall—or creating interesting wall displays that create amazing new areas.



Lighten Up Windows

Lightening up your windows can change the look of your home as well. Remove heavy dark drapes and replace with light and airy window treatments. If you are opposed to changing window treatments, just simply open them up and let more light into the rooms.



Create a Fitness Space

Why not refresh your home and pursue your New Year’s resolutions? I recommend finding a beautiful basket to store weights and fitness equipment, then committing to a short workout before your morning shower. Make sure the surrounding space is serene and calm. “By creating an environment that complements and supports the resolution, you’re more likely to enjoy the space and the workout” You also could create a massage room for you to enjoy and it doesn’t take much to convert your room. Simply by adding a massage table or two, console and some soothing art can transform a room.

Meditation Room

Dedicate 2019 to self-reflection by turning a quiet corner into a dream-like space for personal time—without spending much money on the transformation. “Find a small table and a beautiful throw to drape over it and add a candle and a comfortable floor pillow.