Over 37 years as a designer I have typically used a backdrop of neutrals and added color and pattern in smaller portions. I think the neutrals allow you to change color accents without a huge expense. You also can choose to change colors with the seasons if you have a neutral setting. Adding pillows or artwork with color is a much easier transition to a fresh new look if you want to update in a few years. I also feel that a lighter backdrop is a calm serene feeling. There are lots of designers that have become known for their patterns and bright colors on main pieces but over 37 years that is not who I am. The neutral backdrops have deemed timeless over the years of my design business and is my trademark. I have been in dark dreary homes and strongly feel that they have an effect on the clients and the well being of their mental state. The light and cheery homes definitely create a happier environment and much easier to live in. We recently remodeled a home that had dark brown stained concrete flooring and dark gold walls. We painted the walls white and redid the floors to a light wood color. The family walked back in after vacation and the twins immediately said “We can see in our house and it is so bright and cheery” Color can definitely have an effect on the entire family. No matter what budget you have, painting the walls lighter can truly bring a home to life.

I have never been influenced by trends. My success over the 37 years has been greatly attributed to timeless design. I am more influenced by art, fashion, and architecture. I love adding interesting elements that attract the eye. I like an eclectic mix of elements and certain pieces truly make you appreciate the room design and make it special. Whether it is a little architecturally interesting end table to a beautifully custom designed piece. The goal should be to have pieces in each room that make you feel good and that are special. When your clients let you know years later that they are still in love with their home that is the best compliment you can get as an interior designer.




Summer Trend

3 Summer Trends To Make Your Home Luxurious

Have you been making plans to give your home a makeover? This summer might just be the perfect time to do that. While there are lots of interior design ideas to consider for transforming a space into a summer haven, for some, nothing but luxury will do. Luxury makes all the difference to an interior and makes you feel very special. And rightly so: after all, if you’ve worked hard for a wonderful home, it’s worth investing in an interior design that stirs up a feeling of luxury all while making your home brighter and more alive. These interior design trends step out of the standard look showcasing a cooler, crisper, and a more lavish ambiance.

Pastels/ light colors are in

Pastels have long been associated with a timeless and affluent appeal, and why not? Your home interior will undeniably come alive and be kicking with smooth pastel shades close to those of summer skies. This is why they are summer essentials and so, you should definitely consider a pastel theme for your home interior. This could mean getting things like pastel blankets, pillows, and rugs. The pastel palette could also be played up by bringing in different textures, styles, and finishes.

Elegant furnishings

An excellent choice in furniture is all about transformation – it can easily change the look and feel of a room, from drab to dynamic, from hollow to finished, from plain to striking. But aesthetics is nothing without substance and this is something you can bank on with luxurious furniture trends this summer. When it comes to furnishings, solid pastel colors are still the norm, with summer trends inclining towards the can’t-do-no-wrong options of white, grey and tan. But for the perfect summer vibe, there are furniture pieces that offer splashes of tones from playful to chic, choices that are as upmarket as they are comfortable. So, what’re you waiting for? Go ahead! Brighten up your interior and patio furniture.

Home accessories are all the rage

Plush accessories will irrefutably embellish your home interiors. You can transform your rooms into striking exhibits with fancy decorating materials, contemporary artworks, and elegant accessories. Luxurious interiors enriched with creative, rare artworks and accessories will create an interior that is a sheer luxury for you to escape the summer heat.
These are only a few of the freshest interior design trends for the summer. Choose which one is befitting for your place, while considering comfort, the architectural features of your home, and the compatibility of each with your personality. When all’s said and done, it should represent both your individuality and sense of style.